Maple New York Sour

Learn how to make a New York sour cocktail. I sweeten mine with maple syrup instead of simple syrup, which tastes amazing! They're easy to make, too.

For my first year after college, I worked at a cozy college bar in Norman, Oklahoma. The inside featured wood paneling, brass accents on the bar and over 32 beers on tap. We were open 365 days a year.

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas night were our busiest evenings every year. The place filled up with people who needed a break from family time, and wanted to catch up with old friends. Smiles, laughter, good food and drinkā€”a few of my favorite things.

new york sour ingredients

Since my cinnamon maple whiskey sour was so popular this time last year, I wanted to share my latest iteration with you. It’s a classic cocktail called a New York sour, which is essentially a whiskey sour with a beautiful wine float on top. It looks fancy, but it’s actually easy to make at home.

If you like whiskey and wine separately, you’re going to love them together in one glass. If you need a stiff drink after the holiday crazies, this is it. Also, if you’re shopping for last-minute gifts, don’t miss my 2016 holiday gift guide. I’ve updated it with categories and better photos!

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