Pecan Milk!

Homemade pecan milk is SO easy and delicious! Unlike almond milk, this nut milk recipe doesn't require straining.

Here’s one of those recipes that’s so stupid-simple, I almost feel silly sharing it. And yet, it’s so tasty that I can’t keep it to myself. Pecan milk, where have you been all my life?! Pecans make an incredible nut milk. It’s nutty and tastes like, well, pecans (even more so if you use freshly roasted pecans instead of raw).

Unlike almond milk, which requires straining and leaves gritty almond pulp behind, pecan milk doesn’t require any straining at all. Pecans blend into super-creamy oblivion, which makes this a no-waste nut milk that contains all of the nutrition benefits you would get from a handful of pecans.


I absolutely love homemade pecan butter, so I’m not sure why I didn’t think to make pecan milk until now. I finally tried making my own pecan milk a couple of weeks ago, after buying some Malk pecan milk at Whole Foods (highly recommend, if you don’t want to make your own). So far, I’ve enjoyed pecan milk on its own, with granola, and in my coffee, and loved it every which way.

The only downside to pecan milk is that pecans are not the cheapest of nuts. But, I know from my pecan butter recipe that some of you lucky ducks have a pecan surplus. For those who don’t (hi)—I still think it’s worth the cost. You can cut the pecans with other nuts, if you’d like. Cashews also blend into creamy nothingness, which makes cashew milk my other favorite nut milk.

Pecan milk has a more nut-forward flavor, while cashew milk is neutral. Both are infinitely better-tasting than standard store-bought almond milk. Once you start, you’ll never go back!

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