Chocolate Peppermint Cups

Easy chocolate peppermint cups recipe from Jessica Murnane's new cookbook, One Part Plant

I inherited a major sweet tooth—for chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate that falls between milk chocolate and bitter-dark. Even better when it’s crossed with peanut butter, caramel or mint. Toffee, coconut or honey bits make me weak in the knees. Go ahead, stir in some puffed quinoa or chili powder or chai tea.

Have you ever tasted olive oil with dark chocolate? I’m into it. For all of my enthusiasm for chocolate in its many forms, it’s kind of funny that I haven’t tried making more chocolate treats.


That’s why I got excited when I found this recipe for honey-sweetened chocolate peppermint cups in Jessica Murnane’s new cookbook, One Part Plant. They require only four ingredients (three, if you drop the flaky sea salt), about ten minutes of prep, and thirty minutes in the freezer.

I dog-eared quite a few recipes in Jessica’s new cookbook to make, like the za’atar swirl bread and easy spicy miso soup. Most of them, like the baklava-ish toast, are super simple and seem perfect for busy weekdays.

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