Broccolini Almond Pizza

Homemade broccolini pizza with almonds (optional), mozzarella and red sauce! The trick to making awesome broccolini pizza is to blanch the broccolini first.

Have you ever ordered broccolini on a pizza? (No.) Is that a ridiculous question? (Probably.) I’m always on the hunt for interesting veggie pizzas, so I’ve sampled no less than three broccolini pizzas at brick-oven pizzerias.

Broccolini is a hybrid of standard broccoli and Chinese broccoli, with smaller florets and long, thin stalks. Like all members of the brassica family, it’s awesome once roasted. Hence, pizza potential.

blanched broccolini

First up: I paid an extra three dollars beyond their margherita pizza asking price for the “broccolini” variety. My pizza came out with three broccoli florets scattered on top. It looked like a salad bar hiccuped on my pizza. I still want my three dollars back.

Second place: Broccolini was one of several veggies included. While the tips of it were tasty, the stems were way too tough and I couldn’t eat them without the rest of my slice falling apart.

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