Hummus Quesadillas!

This hummus quesadilla recipe is simple, quick and healthy, too! Dairy-free and vegan (also gluten-free if you use gluten-free tortillas). Get the recipe at

Yesterday was not my day. I made a very dumb, very expensive mistake yesterday, and I need you to tell me you have made some very dumb and expensive mistakes before, too. I hit the side of my car against… a pole. A stationary pole.

To be fair, the turn requires a sharp right past the pole, and there is no curb to protect cars from hitting the pole. Yet, I have driven by this pole 100 times without hitting it before. It happened in broad daylight outside my favorite local health food store, as I was on my way to buy these tortillas.


This is what insurance is for, right? I called my mom, drove home and put these very expensive tortillas to good use. I made quesadillas, with hummus instead of cheese! Did you know that’s a possibility? I stumbled upon this idea after I tested out a vegan version of the quesadillas in my cookbook using vegan sour cream (also in my cookbook).

As a dairy eater, trust me when I say that that vegan sour cream recipe is absolutely delicious. I often prefer it to the usual dairy options because it’s lighter and plant-based. Anyway, it worked so well that I wondered afterward, “Could I make quesadillas with hummus, too?” Yep!

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