Sweet Corn & Black Bean Tacos

Sweet corn and black bean tacos - cookieandkate.com

August is slipping through my fingers. Time is slipping through my fingers. I celebrated my favorite tiny person’s second birthday this weekend and I remember the day I visited her in the hospital like it was yesterday. Now she calls me “Ka-Ka” like my little brother did and glides through the house wearing my ballet flats, which are about 10 sizes too big.

jalapeno and corn

These sweet corn tacos seem to be a perfectly appropriate way to commemorate mid-August. I opted not to cook or grill the corn—it’s so creamy and sweet when it’s fresh—and instead marinate it in lime juice, with some lime zest to really set it off. (You could grill it, though, if you prefer!) Finely sliced radishes and jalapeño lend a bit of crunch and heat, while sliced avocado and feta finish it off.

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