Pink Drink

This pink drink is my interpretation of the Starbucks drink. Made with hibiscus tea, orange juice and coconut milk, this punch recipe is fresh, fruity and super refreshing.

Rewind to yoga class one month ago. Before we got started, the instructor started off with a story about her recent experience at Starbucks. She ordered her drink (the “pink drink”) and was super friendly to the barista (I forgot the details). In turn, she got her drink for free! Treat others well and you will be treated will in return. Treat your body well and it will treat you well in return, she said.

Her golden rule analogy was lost on me because I was entranced by this “pink drink” idea. She mentioned that it had hibiscus tea and coconut milk in it. Inhale, cat, exhale, cow, hibiscus tea, coconut milk. Hmmm. Downward dog, hibiscus tea, right leg up, lunge, coconut milk.


I know I’m supposed to focus solely on yoga during class, but I could not stop thinking about the pink drink. Did you see the hibiscus pink lemonade in the cookbook? I really like hibiscus tea and its naturally bright pink color.

So, I went home and started playing around with the idea. I created a pink drink that I really enjoyed before I even drove to Starbucks to try their version. I finally ordered one a couple of weeks later (it’s not on the menu; you have to ask for it). Here’s the kicker, though—I didn’t like it! I liked mine much better, and everyone who has tried it loves it, too.

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