Tropical Mango Spring Rolls with Avocado-Cilantro Dipping Sauce

Tropical mango spring rolls with avocado cilantro sauce, a fresh appetizer to serve at your spring/summer parties! -

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Finally! My friends and I resurrected our long-lost girls’ night last week. It was glorious. We have a few tiny people under our care now, so scheduling has become more challenging. I had all but given up hope on our weekly meet-ups until Alissa proposed a get-together last Monday. I offered to host, naturally, so we could have the whole place to ourselves.

mango spring roll ingredients

Six months had passed since our last ladies-only dinner, but we all remembered the drill. I’ll tell you how we do it in case you would like to start up your own, which I highly recommend! Basically, we coordinate plans in our little five-person Facebook group. In the past, we stuck to Wednesdays, which made scheduling easier. Everyone shows up roughly around our standard girls’ night dinner time (6:30-ish).

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