Crispy Apple & Kohlrabi Salad

This apple kohlrabi salad recipe is crisp and light! -

Kohlrabi. It’s one of those alien-like vegetables that I avoid eye contact with when I’m walking down the produce line. (Remember that scene from E.T., when his face shows up in the middle of all the stuffed animals? Eeeek.) What is kohlrabi, anyway?

The name, “kohlrabi,” is a fun combination of German/Swiss words for cabbage and turnip, which is absolutely perfect. It’s a knobby, imperfectly round, tennis ball-shaped vegetable with a spout of leaves, which makes it looks like a turnip from Jupiter.

salad ingredients

Kohlrabi comes in green or purple, but the flesh is white either way. Its dense insides remind me of a broccoli stalk. It smells kind of radish and tastes ambiguously cruciferous.

I almost couldn’t find kohlrabi at the store, but I finally spied one sad, limp bunch and took it home with me. I used a vegetable peeler to peel off the rough brown spots and sliced it up, along with an apple. The crisp radish/sweet apple thing seemed a little odd at first, but soon I couldn’t resist snacking on it.

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