Citrus Olive Oil Cake

Citrus olive oil cake to brighten up dreary winter days!

Here’s the paradox of producing a healthy cookbook: the stress of it leads to cravings for all kinds of not-so-healthy things. Like, mac and cheese. Pizza, delivered. Spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream. Those chocolate coconut almonds from Trader Joe’s (have you tried them?!). I’m only human.

I’m in the thick of recipe writing now, and it’s tedious work. I think and re-think how to structure each recipe so it’s easy to understand. I wonder how much detail to include—will this tip help you along, or just complicate matters? Do you need to know the weight of apples used in a salad? Do I tell you how to toast the nuts in every recipe that calls for toasted nuts? So on and so forth.

That said, I’m so in love with the recipes. I have 100 sweet little recipe babies, and I’m struggling to keep them all to myself until next spring.

blood orange sugar

I decided to bake a winter cake to celebrate my cookbook progress and satisfy my sugar craving. This olive oil cake has made a couple of appearances on the blog already (orange poppy seed and lemon blueberry), and it’s always tender, light and complex in flavor. This time, it’s a pretty pink blood orange cake with blood orange icing.

The only problem is that blood oranges don’t have a ton of flavor compared to other citrus, so it’s not as intensely citrusy as the pink frosting would suggest. The lemon and regular orange versions definitely pack more of a punch, so I thought I would present this cake as a design-your-own olive oil cake with tips on how to change it up. You can use any crazy variety of winter citrus you find at the store!

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