Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

Wholesome baked oatmeal recipe—make one batch and enjoy baked oatmeal for the rest of the week!

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Spring is passing me by. I’m so utterly immersed in cookbook projects that I’m nearly missing the magnolias blooming outside. Fortunately, Cookie always reminds me to slow down for a minute.

She starts pouncing on me every evening as the sun goes down, in her persistent, borderline desperate, but always cute sort of way. “Hey! Hey hey hey! Hello in there! Let’s go outside!” She gets her walk, and I catch some blooms as the sun sets.

baked oatmeal ingredients

I’ve also been forgetting to eat breakfast, which is a dangerous game. I got a big slap on the wrist for it last week, when I was photographing food and had to pause and sit down for a while. Shaky, lightheaded, sweaty—hypoglycemia symptoms are not cute, and never welcome. It was a reminder that I really have to eat well. We all do, or it will catch up with us eventually. My symptoms just come on sooner than most.

That’s why I started cooking in the first place. I couldn’t afford to eat out for every meal, but I had to eat well. So, naturally, I had to learn how to cook. Frontier Co-Op asked me how I cook with purpose—I cook with wholesome ingredients, so I’m properly fueled for my days. Then, I find greater purpose in sharing those recipes with you all. I feel good about sharing recipes that make me feel good.

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