Buckwheat Double Chocolate Cookies

This gluten-free double chocolate cookie recipe is made with buckwheat flour! These amazing cookies taste like brownies. Recipe from the new Alternative Baker cookbook. cookieandkate.com

Hello from the other side. I survived cookbook edits round two, which is the most intense round because a copy editor went through and pointed out my every inconsistency. Oh, my perfectionistic heart! The book and I are better for it, though, and part of me loved arguing over the use of among vs. between.

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I can’t wait to get caught up with you guys and caught up on sleep, too. Today, I’m sharing an incredible cookie recipe from Alanna Taylor-Tobin of Bojon Gourmet, and the author of the new gluten-free cookbook Alternative Baker. Alanna has cheered me on through my cookbook-making process and helped test several of my recipes (thank you, Alanna!).

I’m in awe of her work in this new cookbook. Alanna is a trained pastry chef who has mastered gluten-free flours and created over 100 absolutely stunning dessert recipes (each with a photo) in her new cookbook. If you love baking pies and are curious about nutritious and delicious gluten-free flours like buckwheat, chestnut, teff and mesquite, this book is for you.

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