Apple Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Simple apple oatmeal recipe made with steel-cut oats! The oats and apples cook together in the same pot. It's a healthy and delicious fall breakfast.

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best, and this oatmeal is one of them. I’m on a seasonally appropriate apple kick, and when I was trying an applesauce filling for last week’s apple tart, I wondered if I couldn’t cook homemade applesauce and steel-cut oats in the same pot, at the same time. Their cooking methods and timing are similar, so why not?


That was a very good question, and the result was so delicious that I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before. Why didn’t I think to cook apples in my oatmeal before I added orange zest and a swirl of cranberry sauce? Or topped my oats with strawberry chia jam and coconut whipped cream?

You really think I would have come up with the concept when I featured my maple cinnamon applesauce on steel-cut oatmeal nearly four years ago. Head smack.

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